Johnnys, UFA, and VK Artists All Do Their Part For Disaster Relief

Johnny’s Groups Draw 389,000 Fans For Charity. (Pure Idol Heart)
Marching J charity event draws total attendance of 389,000 (Tokyograph)
Yaotome Hikaru: Earthquake And Family (Pure Idol Heart)
Morning Musume Earthquake Relief Campaign (Pure Idol Heart)
Up-Front Group charity event to include almost 100 artists (Tokyograph)
DaizyStripper and other visual-kei bands plan charity song (Tokyograph)

Another quick roundup of how the entertainment world is doing its part to help out. The Johnny’s event had a great turnout, though I’m curious as to the actual amount raised. The UFA event looks promising, as does Momusu’s decision to have charity outreach booths at their concert venue. The last news piece is the most intriguing to me, though, as Daizystripper are aiming for “the visual-kei equivalent of ‘We Are the World'”. It’s a sentiment that is both beautifully sincere and cognotively dissonant at the same time, but I wish them great luck in this endeavor. As we’ve said time and again, every little bit counts, and it’s great to see the range of participation still taking place.