New AKB Subunit Rivalry Announced

Team YJ7 vs Team YM7 (Melos no Michi)
JUMP VS YOUNG? VOTE NOW! (New School Kaidan)

Last year Weekly Playboy and Weekly Young Jump formed AKB subunits to represent them; it made for a memorable rivalry, and an even better mook. This year, Weekly Young Jump returns, this time against Young Magazine, with two new subunits to duke it out. Kieyuku of Melos no Michi sees this as a lopsided battle, while Dae Lee of New School Kaidan sees a more even struggle – though he definitely has favorites he wants to support, which in a way reinforces what Keiyuku wrote in the first place. Anyways, Dae also gives clear instructions on how to vote for your favorite, so go right on over and make your wota voice heard!