Tanaka Reina and Suzuki Airi To Star In Vampire Stories

Tanaka Reina reveals her role in “Vampire Stories” movie (Updated) (Tokyograph)
Tanaka Reina and Suzuki Airi To Star In The Movie “Vampire Stories” (Hello! SayuNii)

Ahh, the march of Hello! Project scream queens moves forward with this new effort, a movie split into two stories, each starring an H!P Girl and a D-Boy. The stories sound vaguely engaging if you’re into vampires – I’m more of a zombie person, admittedly – though it does seem like a more high visibility project, and at least features two of the original members of Aa!. Maybe Miyabi will be revealed as a mysterious vampire mastermind, come to reclaim her sisters? Now THAT I would wanna see!