Tokyohive Provides Translated Interviews of Dream Morning Musume Members

Dream Morning Musume Interviews: Iida Kaori (Tokyohive)
Dream Morning Musume Interviews: Yoshizawa Hitomi
Dream Morning Musume Interviews: Kusumi Koharu

Dream Morning Musume’s album is coming out in 2 weeks, and Tokyohive has partially translated interviews of a few of the members. If you’re a fan of the OG, these are interesting reads as the girls talk about their feelings on forming DoriMusu, getting back in to recording and dancing with each other, and their thoughts on the coveted centre position, among other things.

But really, I have to say that the youngest DoriMusu member, sole 7th generation member Kusumi Koharu, gave the best answer and definitely made my day when I read these interviews:

Q: Do you want to take the center position in Dream Morning Musume.
Not at all … I’m too busy trying to catch up. I am good friends with Abe-san (Abe Natsumi), so I’ll be happy if I can follow behind her. Kind of like goldfish poo.

Goldfish poo is gold. 🙂