About IW

International Wota has its roots in blogger Ray Mescallado’s Sunday Blog Roundup, a regular feature on Cult of Pop (and later, American Wota) which was devoted to reviewing the week in English-language Japanese music blogging. Ray then created Feed of Pop, a feed aggregate to help promote such blogs. After accidentally destroying Feed of Pop after recurring issues with various syndication feeds, the site was finally scrapped in March 2007.

International Wota was created as a combination of Feed of Pop and the Sunday Blog Roundup. It provides coverage of Japanese music blogs in English, but actually reviews the material instead of simply sharing the feeds. Ray asked fellow bloggers he knew and respected to contribute to the site, and the rest is what you see before you.

Most contributors to International Wota chat on #wotachat on the Rizon IRC network. There is also a Facebook group for International Wota and a last.fm group. All are welcome to join!