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The Nonsense That Is Yayaya

K-Pop Music Reviews: T-ARA – Yayaya (Life, the Universe, and Everything)

In his latest review, mountainmadman takes on the unenviable task of actually reading and contemplating T-ara’s lyrics. A big mistake! With lyrics like “bo peep bo peep ah,” “go it go it go,” and ONTD memes, this is a group that sings lyrics which are possibly more nonsensical than Rebecca Black.

The thing about this review that I love is that mountainmadman spends starts off disparaging the song, and yet still finds something enjoyable in it. That is exactly the attitude I carry towards all idols! And so depsite the flaws of “Yayaya,” mountainmadman concludes it is a fun and catchy song that is likely to fry his brain.

Missing Eggs

Where oh where have all the Eggs gone? (Airii~n deshou?!)

jedimastertrunks has a “Where Are They Now?” post on the status of former Hello!Project Eggs. Although, in some cases, I was asking, “where were they before?” Most of them are in UFZS, the Korean pop dance cover group. Kitahara Sayaka seems stuck in a idle.

The most interesting story of the bunch is Maeda Irori. She has joined a group named AKBN0 that has a web series called AKBNGO. Pure comedy. Apparently this group is supposed to be a complete amateur project, with no initial budget when it started, which is probably an outright lie. Whether you find the concept funny, sad, innovative, or offensive, it is different, which is probably what is most important for idols.

Hayami Akari Graduates from Momoiro Clover

Momoiro Clover: Akari Graduation And Group Changes Their Name (Pure Idol Heart)
Momoiro Clover becomes Momoiro Clover Z with Hayami Akari’s graduation (Tokyograph)

This weekend saw the graduation of Hayami Akari from Momoiro Clover. They won’t be replacing her and will continue on as a 5-member group. The group will also be changing their name to “Momoiro Clover Z.”

I think this is going to hurt Momoclo (is it still Momoclo or is it MomocloZ now?). Akari may have been the least popular member of the group (I’ve been told that she has had autograph lines that look like this). However, you have to keep in mind that attraction of Momoclo has been been their eccentricity. And I’d argue that Akari, with her rapping (the quality of which didn’t matter) and personality was a vital part of that eccentricity. The name change may signal a shift in direction and image. So the question is: will Momoiro Clover Z be a typical idol group (MomocloZZZzzzzz) and can they even be successful as one?

Maji Desu ka Ska! Reactions (Part Two)

Morning Musume – Maji Desu ka Suka! (Musical Ramblings of a Dreamer)
‘Maji Desu Ka Ska!’ (a.k.a. Idol Music Is Serious Business) (The Groove Music Life)
Morning Musume Maji Desu ka Ska PV (Selective Hearing)
Maji Desu ka SKA! PV (Hanakotoba)

dreamtiny notices that the line distribution is much better for the current lineup than the past few years. She also addresses the idea that Morning Musume copied the AKB48 drama “Majisuka Gakuen” with the title of this single. People must think really low of Tsunku and UFA if they figure that the best idea they can steal from AKB48 is a song title.

Kd Potter’s focus is on how the song and video lack a seriousness. She points out that H!P’s interpretation of ska is about as successful as their attempts at reggae and country; you just as easily add rap, big band, rock, europop, and idol music to that list! The video is not serious either. KD notes is not only a change in the recent Morning Musume formula, but possibly a return to an era of energetic songs.

At Selective Hearing, Greg doesn’t have much to say for what Morning Musume did right in this PV. However, he does make quite the connection between Morning Musume and, of all people, Bobby Brown. I’d prefer it if the connection was in the music and not the video, but alas…

On the other hand, on Hanakotoba, MTSayuRin is thrilled with Morning Musume’s latest effort. Michishige Sayumi and Takahashi Ai are the stand-outs here.

Always Mind Your Location

Side Effects of Being an Orange Caramel Fan… (Life, the Universe, and Everything)
K-Pop Music Reviews: Orange Caramel – Magic Girl

I came across this blog and this post while searching around for what people were saying about “Bangkok City.” Suffice to say, it’s a personal blog and he might be surprised if he notices the trackback. But hey, it’s quite an interesting story…

Waiting for his class to begin, MountainMadman decided to load up Orange Caramel performing “Magic Girl.” And, well, he got caught. Luckily for him, it wasn’t one of the more outrageous performances of Orange Caramel.

Also, I’m not sure that playing Orange Caramel videos in public is somehow more embarrassing than playing the Black Eyed Peas…

MountainMadman also reviews the single. I almost forgot just how reviled Orange Caramel was when their concept photos and teasers were released. It’s all quite silly in retrospect. I like his point about why Orange Caramel was successful despite the original backlash: “they went all the way.” They performed a song with the sound and image that most people felt was suitable for another country and proved it can work in South Korea too.

Selective Hearing and “Bad Fans”

The Tangled Web of Confusion (Selective Hearing)

In this entry of The Tangled Web of Confusion, Greg takes a moment to respond to kimitsu’s entry about bad fans. He admits to a few behaviors from kimitsu’s list of suggestions but then argues his reasons for why they don’t make him a “bad fan.”

I understand his point about how he financially supports artists even if it isn’t by purchasing albums and singles. However, I don’t think that really is what kimitsu was asking. I think you have to imagine someone who offers zero financial support to an artist. A person who purchases no physical CDs, no digital songs, no t-shirts, attends no concerts, buys nothing that an artist advertises, etc. If THAT person claimed they were a fan, would they then be a bad fan?

Sparkplugged with a Merpeoples Video

Merpeoples – Ikenai Rogue Magic (Sparkplugged)

I’m loving this song – really enjoyable and it’s got bongos. That’s all I really have to say.

If You Could Only Take Six Songs…

My new Phone and notes. Wota (in training)

Todd is forced into the shattering decision of purchasing a new mobile phone. Instead of upgrading to an Android or an iPhone, Todd decided to stay the course and buy a cell phone that is just a phone. Of course, “just a phone” in 2011 means that there is some room for extra media! He has a memory card that can hold 6 songs and has a post to say which songs they were.

I read this post as sort of a Desert Island game. Todd takes an all-AKB48 lineup; I couldn’t imagine walking around with only AKB48 songs as my disposal. If you wanted a song that has “meow meow meow” as lyrics, then at least use those Meow Mix commercials for variety’s sake.

Earcandy Express To Interview Boni. You Can Ask Questions!

Upcoming Interview (Earcandy Express)

Over at Earcandy Express, Arie J announces a forthcoming interview with Korean R&B singer Boni. Boni released a mini album last year called Nu One, which was reviewed by Arie at Earcandy Express. Boni is also pretty well-known for a strong cover of Big Bang’s Taeyang’s “Only look at me.”

Arie J also says that there will be some space for submitted questions. This is a pretty cool opportunity to ask a question to someone trying to make it in the Korean music industry. If this is something that interests you, you have until April 7 to get your questions to Arie. You can contact Arie via email or twitter @EarcandyExpress.

IW Charity Auction Update And Thanks to the Community

We have great news tonight: We have sold all of the items from the first set of auctions in our charity auction! Thank you to everyone that bid and congratulations to the winners. We hope you enjoy your items!

Also, we want to thank everyone that has helped with promoting the auctions. We’ve received help from many bloggers with blog entries and from many users on Twitter retweeing links. We will have a proper list of everyone that has helped out when the auctions are over. For now, we still have active auctions and any promotion of them would be greatly appreciated.

Most importantly, all of the proceeds from all of the auctions will be donated to support the American Red Cross Disaster Relief. We are thrilled with the response to this charity auction so far and hope to add even more to the fund with the forthcoming auctions.

The deadline for the second set of items is April 4 @ 9PM EDT.

And the deadline for the third set of items is April 7 @ 9 PM EDT.

For more information, refer to our central auction page

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