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Go Holding a Contest for a Contest

Free Tickets for Gilgamesh (Girugamesh) in NYC 4/26 (jrocknyc)

Prizes included! Don’t you want to see Gilgamesh? For free? … Heck, I’ll take anything that’s free.


Coming to a Theater Near You

Jin to make his Hollywood debut (Janakya Mottainai)
Akanishi Jin officially announced in “47 Ronin” cast (Tokyograph)

Now that he’s got a twitter, Jin’s set to be all up in your face in your movie theaters, chyeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh

2012 better watch out, because that’s Akanishi’s time to shine! Chyeah!

Shirow Gets Philosophical on Your Arse

Why Should We Care About Morning Musume? (Wotaku Now!)

Shirow’s in a bind here. He’s trying to figure out why, if there is a reason in the first place, should we, idol fans/wota/whatever the hell you want to call us, care about Morning Musume. I’m pretty sure for many of you, your interest in Morning Musume has been like his, a roller coaster, increasing and decreasing, with the change of members and musical styles. He talks about his own feelings regarding this and even ‘get[s] philosophical on your arse’, ending the post with a review of their latest PV. Can you handle (what he considers to be) the truth?

Fandom Fundraising

Help_Japan (Livejournal)
Fundraising for Japan
arashi_on’s Fundraising Garage Sale

Now’s the time to reach out a hand and help others donate to Japan. Over on Livejournal, there are several fundraisings happening. These two are the ones I’m aware of. Help_Japan is a “multi-fandom, multi-media auction with the intention of uniting everyone with the one cause: to help Japan”; something I’m sure we can get behind.The second link is a fandom specific auction, specifically, the Arashi fandom. Or it used to be. It’s now widened to a JE Fandom services auction. The third link is the auctioning of actual JE goods.

If there are any other fandom fundraisers that you’d like to draw our attention to, please leave a comment here and I’ll be sure to update this as soon as possible.

Pray for Japan.

Nostalgia Strikes Again

ANIMUSIC (Plastic Candy)

Ah, nostalgia. It can drive you to do crazy things. Like rewatching the whole series of Cardcaptor Sakura (aka Cardcaptors). Which is what Alzy did one summer (… as I have done once also. DON’T JUDGE ME). But there will always be a special place in my heart for anime theme music. After all, it is what made me a J-pop fan in the first place.

Leaving So Soon?

Hello! Project group SINA to disband (Tokyograph)
Melon Kinenbi’s Murata Megumi to leave show business

Looks like UFA is cutting off some dead weight. *coughs* Anyway. I’ve got some bad news and some news. The bad news. NO MOAR MURATA BAAAAAAAAAAAW. I loved that lady. And news! SI☆NA is disbanding. Disagreements. Separate ways as ~artists~. Best of luck, girls! Though… I’ve never heard anything from them before this. Huh.

U-chan, U-chan desu!

Shirota Yu to make singing debut as “U” (Tokyograph)

Avex has a new singer. Shirota Yuu? Maybe you’ve heard of him? Mostly known for his D-Boys/TeniMyu days, Shirota Yuu- Wait. U has decided to make his big debut~ Whoo~ I know some people out there will be excited. Good for them! 😀

A Good Collabo?!

Jin Akanishi to collaborate with Jason Derulo for first U.S. single (Tokyograph)

I don’t know how I feel about this. I’m happy that, you know, they’ve chosen a fairly popular person (or so I’m told. I have no idea who Jason Derulo is, but I was told he won American Idol. That show is still on?) to help Jin with his first U.S. single. So I assume they’re not going the western route, which is typically an album first, and then singles FROM the album. I wonder how well that will carry out. I wonder how well his US career will carry out. I’m kinda of the mind of… If Utada couldn’t do it successfully, then how can Jin? His English is NOWHERE near as amazing as Utada’s….

A Dream Come True

Morning Musume OG members announce “dream” team, album, 2 tours (Tokyograph)

Well, for some people, myself included. I’m super excited about this. MM OG in an OFFICAL group together?! An album?! Not one but TWO tours?! Can it get any better?! … Well, yes, actually. The second disc could be rerecordings as well, BUT I’M NOT COMPLAINING. Yuuko~

I’m really excited about this. Almost ridiculously so. It really is like a dream come true. Are you excited about it?!

9th Gen Finally Revealed!!

A Truly Glorious Day in the History of Hello! Project (Bikkuri Project)
NEW MEMBERS!!! (Itsumo Genki)
Morning Musume 9th Gen Winners (Hello!Blog)
This is why being a fan is so fun (Aoi♥Usagi)
Morning Musume: 9th Generation Is 1 EGG + 3 Audition Members (Pure Idol Heart)
Morning Musume 9th Generation Announced (Hello!SayuNii)

The fandom is all a-flutter! Big new was revealed at H!P’s first winter concert. I had been up all night waiting for the information to be released, scouring 2ch and all that was available. It was a hell of an adventure. And while the announcement of FOUR new members to MM is indeed a great thing, what was more exciting, for me personally, was seeing fandom excited for the new things happening with our girls and what promise the 9th generation of MoMusu could bring to it. They may be young, but damn if those girls aren’t fierce!

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