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Gold Hikari Reviews Koda Kumi Deja Vu


Die has a thoughtful, critically balanced take on this album from Kuu-chin, once the towering figure in the Avex diva firmament – though, as Die himself admits, her popularity peaked years ago. It’s a detailed track-by-track review, but one whose nooks and crannies are filled with interesting insights on song choices and the slow decline of Kumi. Perhaps a re-invention is in order for her? I’m sure she can pull it off, actually. I may not follow her work anymore, but she can be a lot cannier and savvier than her naysayers think. When not discussing reproductive organs, at least.

U-chan, U-chan desu!

Shirota Yu to make singing debut as “U” (Tokyograph)

Avex has a new singer. Shirota Yuu? Maybe you’ve heard of him? Mostly known for his D-Boys/TeniMyu days, Shirota Yuu- Wait. U has decided to make his big debut~ Whoo~ I know some people out there will be excited. Good for them! 😀

Wedding Bells Ring…

Mari Yaguchi to marry Masaya Nakamura? (Tokyograph)
Ayumi Hamasaki to marry actor Manuel Schwarz

Are you listening? It’s always an amazing feeling seeing your idol get married. Of course, I’m speaking for myself. I know there are people who DREAD the moment, but I’m always happy when it happens. I feel like idols get lonely. Hm.

But good news! The QUEEN OF JPOP is getting married to a handsome hunk of man and Yaguchi is rumored to be getting married. All this set to happen in the new year~ Keep your eyes out, kiddies.

Tsunku Gets Dissed, Wota Are Angry

Goto Maki is criticized for criticizing Tsunku (aramatheydidn’t)

Fans often wonder what’s really going through the minds of our Idols. What we do get to hear from them is often carefully scripted to perpetuate the always-uplifting Idol myth. Most fans have already guessed that the world of Idols isn’t forever hunky-dory, but without a comment from the girls, we have no proof. For example, we always hear from the members of H!P that Tsunku puts in hard work on behalf of all of the girls, but is that all that they feel toward him? In a recent interview, Goto Maki made her real opinions on the T-man clear, and received some backlash from the blogsphere.

DJ Hello Kitty to Rock the House!

DJ Hello Kitty releases first album! (aramatheydidnt)

I still have a hard time imagining Hello Kitty speaking, no less making music. But the music listed looks really interesting~! Remixes of American artists as well as Japanese artists. I haven’t listened to it yet, but I imagine them all being cutesy remixes! Look forward to this, ne!

BoA’s Back in Korea & Hitting The Big Screen In the US

BoA’s Korean Comeback + ‘Game’ Music Video (BoA’s House)
BoA to Star in Hollywood Dance Film (bottom article)

She’s spent some time away from Korea building up her career in Japan, and launching an American album, but BoA’s back with a Korean album after 5 years away. I remember way back in the day listening to Sara and ID; Peace B. The album released earlier this week and has strangely put me in a nostalgic mood.

In addition to her new album, it’s been announced that BoA will be in a Hollywood dance film. I’m a huge fan of dance, though I couldn’t dance to save my life. I hoping it’s a large-scale movie like Step Up 3D and BoA can get a lot of exposure in the US through this role.

Popping Up Like Weeds pt. 1

Avex Adds 12-nin “SUPER GiRLS” (Hey, Senpai!)
New Unit:SUPER☆GIRLS [New Update ] (Pure Idol Heart)
AVEX Creates Another New Idol Group (IXA Ready – Fist On!)
Avex forms new idol group SUPER GiRLS (Tokyograph)

With this oversaturation of the market, it’s getting hard nowadays to avoid female idol groups as they seem to be popping up EVERYWHERE with no signs of stopping in the future. It’s getting hard to track who is who and who is signed up to which agency and label. I mean, seriously, is it really necessary for all these groups to exist!?

That being said, who knows what their music is going to sound like? I’m leaning towards the stereotypical J-pop sound for idols, though I have more faith in this one, as they’re being debuted by Avex. There’s a number of directions they could head with a large range of ages and 12 girls with (hopefully) different vocal ranges.

Goto Maki’s Set To Make Her Comeback

Official Goto Maki Site Renewed (Hello!SayuNii)

Maki’s site is back up and she looks poised to get back into the thick of it with her upcoming mini-album set to release this July. Ado also has a link to the concert she streamed on June 3rd, in case you missed and it and wanted to check it out.

It’s good to see her back after a few months out of the media eye. She looked sharp and sounded great. Get ready Maki fans, ’cause she back in business!

Goto Maki’s Back This Summer

Goto Maki Will Resume Activities This Summer (Hello!SayuNii)

Goto Maki is back to work this summer after taking time off to grieve the passing of her mother earlier this year. As Ado reports, Maki will kick things off with a mini-concert in June and it looks like it will be streamed live. She is following that up with a mini-album release in July.

I’m surprised that this news hasn’t popped up anywhere else… Where have all of Maki’s fans gone? I’ve liked what she’s done since she joined up with Avex. I’m looking forward to her mini-concert – you can bet that I’ll be watching on June 3rd if it does end up streaming.

Queen of J-pop on Ustream?!

Ayu interview on Ustream tomorrow! (aramatheydidn’t)

To celebrate the release of her 11th original studio album, “Rock’n’Roll Circus” and the start of her new tour, she will be broadcasting a 45 minute interview on Ustream, teaming up with Yahoo!Japan. Aramatheydidn’t has all the information as well as the link in their post, so go check it out, you Ayu stans and Fans!

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