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MorningBerryz Looks Back At Princess Princess

[Featured Post」~13 years after…Princess Princess still Japan’s greatest female band~.

As mentioned in the last article, here’s MB’s very comprehensive post on Princess Princess, revived from Vox with all the media you can possibly hope for. A great way to immerse yourself in this wonderful group – and if you’re liking what you see and hear, why not bid on the item MB herself has put up for sale in the charity auction? A great slice of history, a great Jpop band, a great cause – you can’t go wrong!

Selective Hearing on Sakuracon Day One

Sakura-con Day 1

Hot off the presses – that is, if the interweb had presses – Greg shares his first impressions on the pilgrimage to Seattle and how it’s going so far. Plenty of pics, so look carefully for familiar faces!

Delicious Cake Project Has Early Notes On Berryz At Sakuracon

Rough Draft: Notes From Berryz Koubou’s Q&A panel IN AMERICA Seattle

Straight from Pata, information from the QA panel with Berryz. I liked Chinami’s answers best, though it’s nice to also see some love for Amuro Namie expressed.

Candies Member Tanaka Yoshiko Passes

Former Candies member Tanaka Yoshiko dies at 55 (Tokyograph)

It was only a couple months ago that yonasu did such a wonderful write-up on this 1970s idol group, so the news of this death had an impact on me. If you have a moment, go back to yonasu’s posts and see just how great Candies were.

Madara Reviews Legendary 2006 Winter Wonderful Hearts Concert DVD

The “Lost” Hello! Project Concert

Madara somehow stumbled onto a copy of this DVD, given fanclub-only release, and gives a touching review of a Hello! Project line-up that now feels like ancient history. I especially appreciate the props Madara gives to W and Murakami Megumi, who remains my favorite H!P Kid after all these years. And when Madara starts looking forward from the concert to all the events that would occur in H!P in the months and years that followed… Well, I must admit that I shed a tear or two about how things turned out. So yeah, this is definitely worth a read, especially for longtime fans who want a stroll down memory lane.

Karakui Looks At Some Upcoming Dramas

Spring 2011 J-dramas to watch
Yukie Nakama to star in the upcoming NHK period drama “Tempest”

Richie of course takes the Okinawan angle with his assessment of what shows to watch, but given the caliber of talent involved, how can one argue? The best thing for me, though, is that gleeful crazed look in Shingo’s eyes for the promotional image of “Shiawase ni Narou yo”. That bastard makes it seem sexy somehow, doesn’t he? Or is it just me?

DiVA To Audition For Six New Members Before Capitalizing the I

DiVA to hold auditions for 6 more members (Melos no Michi)
AKB48′s DiVA to recruit new members through audition (Tokyograph)
DiVA, you were too good to be true… (SaeYaka Paradise)
DiVA, you were too good to be true… Sayaka and Sae blog comments (SaeYaka Paradise)

Contrasting to the natural-ness of the Acchan announcement, this one is more of a WTF moment. The group has barely started out and Aki-P has now declared that auditions for six new members will be held – molding the group into a female EXILE, so to speak. When the new members are added, the small-i in DiVA will become a capital-I because then the group will be complete. Which does make it sound like it was planned all along, and the idea of a female EXILE seems like something SOMEBODY should be doing (why not Avex?), considering how popular the group has been in recent years… Nevertheless, it certainly stings for fans of the four current members of the group, and SaeYaka Paradise certainly doesn’t hold back the emotions in their write-up.

Personally, I’m not sure what to make of this. I have to admire Aki-P’s business savvy in trying to recreate a tried-and-true formula… That said, alienating the built-in dedicated fan base of the group isn’t very savvy at all, now is it? And what if the current line-up proves more popular than the 10-nin version? Will the band be re-shrunk and de-capitalized or something? I get the feeling this group’s story has only just begun…

Atsuko Maeda’s First Solo Single Announced [Update: Rumor From Chinese Site]

Maeda Atsuko’s Solo Single Debut Announced (New School Kaidan)
Maeda Atsuko Solo Single Debut! (Kira Kira Anni)

Even casual AKB fans like myself may be asking what took them so long, but it’s at last upon us. And Dae of New School Kaidan has a thoughtful, well-measured assessment of what Acchan can bring to her solo work and why we shold be optimistic about it. So who’s next to solo, then? Perhaps Shinoda Mariko, as a parting present before she graduates?

UPDATE: Melos of Melos no Michi was kind enough to tweet us that the source of the Acchan solo information is a Chinese entertainment site, as cited at IXA Ready. So what we’re looking at is a rumor, and a highly suspicious one, given that it’s not coming from Japanese media, who’ve remained silent on the matter.

G-Dragon Would Date TOP If He Was A Girl?

G-Dragon reveals that he would’ve dated T.O.P. if he were a girl (allkpop)

Really? “If he were a girl”? Stop being so coy about it, just tell us what you two HAVE been doing and feel the relief of stepping out of the closet already! The Playboy rabbit imagery, the aggressive metrosexuality… I think GD and TOP doth protest too much. It’s time to face facts, be proud, and make yourself the standard bearers for the brotherhood!

Goto Maki Announces New Mini-Album

Goto Maki Releasing A New Mini-Album Titled “LOVE” (Hello! SayuNii)

I feel like I haven’t given the post-H!P Goto Maki a fair shake, and this album may be a good chance to finally set things right. Besides, she looks especially gorgeous in the promotional photos for this release! Love, indeed!

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