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JYP U.S.A. Audition Tour Announced

Gear up for the ‘2011 JYP U.S.A Audition Tour’! (allkpop)

Think you have what it takes to be the next Kpop sensation? Well, here’s your chance to put your money where your mouth is!

The Nonsense That Is Yayaya

K-Pop Music Reviews: T-ARA – Yayaya (Life, the Universe, and Everything)

In his latest review, mountainmadman takes on the unenviable task of actually reading and contemplating T-ara’s lyrics. A big mistake! With lyrics like “bo peep bo peep ah,” “go it go it go,” and ONTD memes, this is a group that sings lyrics which are possibly more nonsensical than Rebecca Black.

The thing about this review that I love is that mountainmadman spends starts off disparaging the song, and yet still finds something enjoyable in it. That is exactly the attitude I carry towards all idols! And so depsite the flaws of “Yayaya,” mountainmadman concludes it is a fun and catchy song that is likely to fry his brain.

Always Mind Your Location

Side Effects of Being an Orange Caramel Fan… (Life, the Universe, and Everything)
K-Pop Music Reviews: Orange Caramel – Magic Girl

I came across this blog and this post while searching around for what people were saying about “Bangkok City.” Suffice to say, it’s a personal blog and he might be surprised if he notices the trackback. But hey, it’s quite an interesting story…

Waiting for his class to begin, MountainMadman decided to load up Orange Caramel performing “Magic Girl.” And, well, he got caught. Luckily for him, it wasn’t one of the more outrageous performances of Orange Caramel.

Also, I’m not sure that playing Orange Caramel videos in public is somehow more embarrassing than playing the Black Eyed Peas…

MountainMadman also reviews the single. I almost forgot just how reviled Orange Caramel was when their concept photos and teasers were released. It’s all quite silly in retrospect. I like his point about why Orange Caramel was successful despite the original backlash: “they went all the way.” They performed a song with the sound and image that most people felt was suitable for another country and proved it can work in South Korea too.

Earcandy Express To Interview Boni. You Can Ask Questions!

Upcoming Interview (Earcandy Express)

Over at Earcandy Express, Arie J announces a forthcoming interview with Korean R&B singer Boni. Boni released a mini album last year called Nu One, which was reviewed by Arie at Earcandy Express. Boni is also pretty well-known for a strong cover of Big Bang’s Taeyang’s “Only look at me.”

Arie J also says that there will be some space for submitted questions. This is a pretty cool opportunity to ask a question to someone trying to make it in the Korean music industry. If this is something that interests you, you have until April 7 to get your questions to Arie. You can contact Arie via email or twitter @EarcandyExpress.

Selective Hearing On The Tangled Webs of Kara and Momusu

The Tangled Web Of Confusion

Greg shares his opinions on the ongoing KARA drama and the newest Morning Musume single, finding himself tired of the former and cautiously anticipating the latter. I have to say that his foul-mouthed rant about KARA is especially amusing and edifying, though maybe the new single will smooth things over and they will at last realize that “KARA must remain five!”. As for the first single of the newly pedofied Momusu, I don’t care about the music until the first Gen Nine bikini photobook’s released. Time’s a-wasting, UFA! Don’t you dare pull another Maeda on me!

A Brief Look at Gil Me and e.via

Battle of the rappers: Gil Me v. E.via (Earcandy Express)

Arie Jai looks at two female Korean rappers – e.via and Gil Me. She points out the distinction between e.via/Gil Me and the “rappers” of idol groups who merely “chant-talk.” I would expand this criticism to their male counterparts. Anyways, the lack of credibility and attention that female rappers have to put up with is not simply a Korean issue. It’s nice to see an attempt to highlight them in any market.

Another blog takes a shot at the K-pop vs. J-pop comparison

Chanting: Wota vs. Kpop Fans (Mayuge Madness)

Comparing J-pop and K-pop isn’t a new thing. It’s at least as common now as the AKB48 and H!P comparisons (which I happen to love…). However, new comparisons pop up from time to time, and Liamers’s post is as good of a new comparison as I’ve seen in a while.

The idea of looking at the differences between the fan chants found in the two genres is an intriguing one- I just wish that Liamers had spent a little bit more time expanding on it. This post could have been used to explore the fan/Idol dynamic and the differences between fans of K-pop and J-pop. The title itself seems to promise such a comparison. Instead it feels as though the post cuts itself off at a bare minimum, providing only the basics of comparison: Two things to be compared, and a quick analysis. My preference for long, in-depth posts might be showing itself here, but something about Liamers’s writing leaves me crying out for more.

What Makes an Idol an Idol?

DEFINITION OF ‘IDOL’ (fly to high)

I remember not too long ago, I was talking with a friend who’s a JE fan. We were discussing the difference between idols and music artists, concerning Arashi and other JE artists. But while trying to describe the difference to her, I myself grew a bit confused. While yes, there are characteristics that differentiate an idol from someone who the music industry considers and artist, what are they exactly? Oroitsme writes about this and more, presenting a comparison between the top two idol producing countries.

The Writers of Selective Hearing Discuss K-pop’s Presence in Japan

Selective Hearing Round Table: The Next K-Pop Wave in Japan (Selective Hearing)

I hadn’t realized Greg had so many writers on his site.  But the cool part is it allows them to have a debate on a “think-piece” such as this one.  Not that they were really polarized in their opinions.  It seems pretty obvious by now that K-pop artists definitely have the ability to be successful in Japan.  However, the same can’t necessarily be said the other way around.

Does this mean that K-pop is better than J-pop?  Not if you are asking me.  They both may be “pop”, but comparing Japanese idols to the pop stars of Korea is really about apples and oranges.  The way I see it groups like SNSD and Kara have more of an international appeal, while the J-pop idol phenomenon is uniquely “Japanese”  Their debate did make me wonder if a group like Perfume could be successful in Korea.

In any case, a great post for anyone interested in the subject matter.

Want Your K-pop in the US? Well, You Should Have Gone to LA.

SMTown World Tour 2010 Los Angeles (Selective Hearing)
The Summer of Idols Finale: A Visit To SMTown (Delicious Cake Project!)

In early September, Los Angeles was invaded by the stars of SM Entertainment. I don’t follow K-pop, but for those of you readers who do, check out the experiences had by OpsMonkey of Selective Hearing and Pata of Delicious Cake Project.

Now, because I am a Hello! Project fan, I simply have to say that Pata’s poster (if you haven’t heard about his poster, check out his post) was awesome. Of course, it’s also all in good fun… I’m not trying to call any K-pop fans in here to start defending their girls’ legs… -_-;

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