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Fandom Fundraising

Help_Japan (Livejournal)
Fundraising for Japan
arashi_on’s Fundraising Garage Sale

Now’s the time to reach out a hand and help others donate to Japan. Over on Livejournal, there are several fundraisings happening. These two are the ones I’m aware of. Help_Japan is a “multi-fandom, multi-media auction with the intention of uniting everyone with the one cause: to help Japan”; something I’m sure we can get behind.The second link is a fandom specific auction, specifically, the Arashi fandom. Or it used to be. It’s now widened to a JE Fandom services auction. The third link is the auctioning of actual JE goods.

If there are any other fandom fundraisers that you’d like to draw our attention to, please leave a comment here and I’ll be sure to update this as soon as possible.

Pray for Japan.

Nostalgia Strikes Again

ANIMUSIC (Plastic Candy)

Ah, nostalgia. It can drive you to do crazy things. Like rewatching the whole series of Cardcaptor Sakura (aka Cardcaptors). Which is what Alzy did one summer (… as I have done once also. DON’T JUDGE ME). But there will always be a special place in my heart for anime theme music. After all, it is what made me a J-pop fan in the first place.

And Now For Something Completely Different. Affordable Internet Access Threatened In Canada.

Stop The Meter On Your Internet Use (
Bell, Rogers, Shaw and others want to kill the Internet (

Hello readers! This post has absolutely nothing to do with Japanese music or idols but it has everything to do with a decent chunk of the IW readership, some of the bloggers featured on IW, one of your IW editors, and an IW admin. Bell Canada (one of the major telecommunications companies and ISP) has proposed an aggressive form of “Usage-Based Billing”. Reports have said that there are plans to set nationwide bandwidth caps to 25GB/mth and overage charges as high as $2.00/GB after that. This CANNOT happen if you still want to see Canada on the internet.

You’d think that anyone with common sense would see how absurd this is with our information-based society, however, the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission) has already passed this proposal to allow such outrageous charges for a service that is already fairly expensive. Bell (Sympatico) users may see a change in their service / billing as soon as March 1st, 2011 then trickle into the other big ISPs as soon as this summer. has started a petition to oppose Usage-Based Billing (UBB) which has grown to 180,000+ signatures. You can sign the petition here.

For more information on UBB and its effects and what you can do, please visit for their in-depth posts.

Your support and signatures are HIGHLY APPRECIATED.

Kohaku Participants Revealed

NHK announces official Kohaku performer lineup (Tokyograph)
Kohaku Uta Gassen 2010 Line-Up Revealed (IXA Ready – Fist On!)

I’m really curious as to what the qualifications for appearing on the Kohaku are. For those of you who don’t know, the Kohaku Uta Gassen is a show that comes on every New Year’s Eve broadcast on TV and Radio, nationally and internationally. Two teams, Red and White, compete against each other. Red consists all of female artists or groups with female vocals, while White is the male counterpart. Both teams should consist of the most popular acts from the previous year, but some of the choices just confound me. Like seriously, this is Wada Akiko’s millionth time on the show. What has she released in the last year?! Anyway, if you follow the industry, then the winner should already be obvious. Nice play, Mr. Kitagawa.

Jumping the Gun

Shen’s Top Artists of 2010 – Young Revivalist’s March (SparkPlugged)
Shen’s Top Artists of 2010 – The End of an Era
Shen’s Top Artists of 2010 – Viewing the Heart of Music
Shen’s Top Artists of 2010 – Enthusiastic Wild Abandon

Is it that time of the year already? When people start listing their top of 2010? Is there, like, an official date for this sort of thing? I guess it’s not really jumping the gun since there is only a month left in the year and not much CAN happen in a month, but still. It just feels far too early. Maybe if it were December when he posted these, I wouldn’t have blinked an eye at it. Enough of my griping, anyway. Shen has written a top ten. Of artists for 2010. These are not your standard mainstream Japanese artists. If you’re looking for a change in the music you listen to, then I definitely suggest checking out these bands. He hasn’t finished yet, so keep your eyes out for that!

Wedding Bells Ring… Are You Listening?

Eita, Kaela Kimura tie the knot (Tokyograph)

Ahh~ A できちゃった結婚。Shotgun Wedding. Meh. At least they’re cute together… Right? With a baby on the way, and this upcoming marriage, I wonder what influences they might have on Kaela’s music… Good stuff I hope!

Anime Expo is Where It’s At

RSP joins Anime Expo lineup (Tokyograph)
BENI invited to Anime Expo 2010
Calendar 2010 – Mell – Anime Expo (ZB’s A-Z of J-Music)
Calendar 2010 – May’n and Megumi Nakajima – Anime Expo

If you’re planning to be at AX for AKB48 (or any other reason really), why not check out the rest of the artists who are set to be there. I can personally vouch for RSP and BENI, having been introduced to their music recently. If you want to hear from each of these artists, go to the sites provided or go to these reviews.

Who’s ManoEri’s Manager Blog!Stalking, Now?!?

Shuukan Yoro! Vol 42 (Hello!Sayunii)

Some exciting news for us International Wotas! Appearently, one of our favorite blogs, Hello!Sayunii has been found by Mano Erina’s manager, and he even linked Mano Erina herself’s twitter to a blog post regarding Mano’s upcoming trip to LA. Let all of us bloggers hope that they have also found IW, and that we will have more Mano tweets regarding the international fan-blogging community.

It appears that Mano is also starting to blog in English and about English, so let’s hope that we can hear more about her English-learning. From my limited knowledge of kanji (and only from Chinese classes), the post after the one in english says, “English is hard!” It seems that she’s ready to go to LA, so we’ll be waiting…

First TV Role for Jero

Jero’s first television drama role (Tokyograph)

You know who Jero is? No? He’s the American Enka singer in Japan who’s first single made the Japanese realize that Enka can be sung by people who are not Japanese. And now he’s getting his first television role! Yay! I wonder if he acts as well as he can sing.

There Was Going to Be One in the First Place?

J-rock hinted at for Rock Band, Japan version mostly dead (Destructoid)

Now this is a blog I never thought I would write up. Mostly because everything they write about has NOTHING to do with Japanese music. First off, lol at the macro. It’s true. But sad news, gamers of the Japanese music community…. Rock Band: Japan is dead… as the title states. Good news! J-rock might… just MIGHT be appearing in one of the next dozen versions of Rock Band that come into existence! Destructoid has more details about which bands might appear and under what circumstances they’ll appear. Fun tiems to be coming to a console near you? Who knows?

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