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Bakanishi On Twitter! Ccchhyeeahhh!!!

Jin_Akanishi (Twitter)

Over thirty thousand followers already! Jin is hot on the social media tip! And how can Mister Eggplant not be, given tweetie little gems like this:

just got twitter chyeaaaaa~

to all my loyal subjects lol i dont think i can tweet constantly cuz of my personality… but ill try~


danmmm i cant keep up with all massages form everyone but ill try to read as much as i can!! hella thanks for the shout outs~ ciao~

I love Jin, there’s always been something both sincere and meatheaded about him, and those two qualities are on fully display here. This may not be as good as him balling an underaged Chinami (oh God I’m still jealous) and is nowhere near his finest moment of presenting that Light Brite to Jodie Foster (willhe send her DMs now?), but this is definitely a highlight in Jin’s career. Ccchyeeahhhh!

Jumping the Gun

Shen’s Top Artists of 2010 – Young Revivalist’s March (SparkPlugged)
Shen’s Top Artists of 2010 – The End of an Era
Shen’s Top Artists of 2010 – Viewing the Heart of Music
Shen’s Top Artists of 2010 – Enthusiastic Wild Abandon

Is it that time of the year already? When people start listing their top of 2010? Is there, like, an official date for this sort of thing? I guess it’s not really jumping the gun since there is only a month left in the year and not much CAN happen in a month, but still. It just feels far too early. Maybe if it were December when he posted these, I wouldn’t have blinked an eye at it. Enough of my griping, anyway. Shen has written a top ten. Of artists for 2010. These are not your standard mainstream Japanese artists. If you’re looking for a change in the music you listen to, then I definitely suggest checking out these bands. He hasn’t finished yet, so keep your eyes out for that!

What Makes an Idol an Idol?

DEFINITION OF ‘IDOL’ (fly to high)

I remember not too long ago, I was talking with a friend who’s a JE fan. We were discussing the difference between idols and music artists, concerning Arashi and other JE artists. But while trying to describe the difference to her, I myself grew a bit confused. While yes, there are characteristics that differentiate an idol from someone who the music industry considers and artist, what are they exactly? Oroitsme writes about this and more, presenting a comparison between the top two idol producing countries.

Just a number.

Manipulating The Numbers (Selective Hearing)

With AKB’s recent record-setting sales, does this not make you wonder why that number is so high? I’m not saying that these singles weren’t legitimately bought. I fully believe that many were sold. But to that many people? I don’t think so. Especially with something so tempting being offered to the fans within that single, it makes COMPLETE sense why they sold so much. I feel like Greg says all this and more so much better though. So click on it. CLIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK.

The Worst of the Worst

Why the worst matter (Aoi♥Usagi)

Simple question I’ve got for you guys. Is there an idol group in which there isn’t a member you hate/dislike? Honestly? And that idol group, do you pay attention to it? I mean, aside from single releases and things of that nature, do you really care what’s happening to that group? Line delegation? Facetime in the PV? If not there’s probably a reason you don’t care that much and I think Usa-chan’s got a good explanation as to why.

Idols Enter the World of Pixar – 3D

TBS To Air A Morning Musume Event In 3D (Hello! Sayunii)

Yes, Morning Musume is entering the world of 3D entertainment. 3D has been quite popular lately around the world, and with Morning Musume trying to get back into the top idol game, they appear to be beating AKB48 to what could be a very interesting change in the idol concert medium.

While the details aren’t all clear, as Hello! Sayunii points out, there’s still quite a bit to be excited about: idols in 3D! Maybe this new foray into the 3D market is why Hello!Project hasn’t been spending money lately? And, most importantly, before they go, our three soon-to-be former Morning Musume members will get a chance to show their stuff in a breakthrough in idol performance.

C-ute’s New “Not-so-C-ute” PV

C-ute Dance de Bakon! PV (Morningtime)
°C-ute new single ““Dance de Bakoon!” PV (Pure Idol Heart)

C-ute’s newest PV is out, and while it is most definitely NOT cute it is most certainly AWESOME.  Morningtime and Gaki have both reviewed this new rave-tastic PV, and they are loving it!  Morningtime not only gives us a review, but it is a review called screenshot by screenshot!  We are treated to pics that include some fierce faces and even a little bit of C-ute booty.  Gaki not only loves the song, he also thinks the more equal line distribution will satisfy every C-ute fan.

So, if you feel it’s that awesome, buy the single and support your idols!

A PV Preview With a Surprise!

S/mileage – “Onaji Jikyuu de Hataraku Tomodachi no Bijin Mama” Preview Released (Hello!Sayunii)

S/mileage’s 3rd major single has been announced, and we already have a PV preview, song preview, and a title in one. It appears that this song will have something to do with a beautiful mother, not only because of the title, but also because of the suprise guest that will be appearing in the PV: Tsuji Nozomi! This means that our PV will have some acting bits, and at least two outfits! With the video preview provided in the post, we get a sneak peak at what this PV might look like, and what we can expect out of S/mileage’s new single. Prepare for some mega-cute mother and idol interactions in your future!

Oh, Yes She Did, Wotas

AKB Girls Gone Wild! (Chuo Dori)
Former AKB48 member turns to AV (TokyoGraph)

No, I’m not talking about myself covering a former AKB48 member.

While that is shocking, AKB wotas seem to be in shock over what one of the first generation AKB girls has decided to do with her life- yes, wotas, here we have a former member of a popular idol group who wasn’t even allowed to date.

In AV.

While female wotas and many male wotas alike will be shocked, the main question is how we should take this information. I, for one, am a little disgusted and put off, but I am a girl so I’m not really into that stuff. On the other hand, we have people like CK, the wotas of the male gender who knew and loved her as one of the (supposedly) pure idols that we’re used to, but doesn’t exactly know how to take this new post-idol career path. However you take it, it’s still a rather interesting piece of information.

Hangry&Angry Eurotour 2010 Reviews…Helsinki and Paris

hANGRY & ANGRY @ Tavastia, Helsinki 2010-05-24 (The Three Metalheads)
Hangry&Angry in the land of Moomin (
Rachels’s Thoughts on Hangry & Angry in Paris (Hello!Blog)

The Summer Expo’s are looming, and so is plenty of Idol fun for fans on both sides of the Atlantic.  In that spirit here is a set of reviews from Hangry&Angry’s recent tour of Europe.  We start with France and Finland, where Henkka, Zush and PTom’s friend Rachel all caught the show.  Well, not necessarily together…you know what I mean.

Some great little anecdotes here, and plenty of pictures as well.  The neatest things about this set of posts is the varying perspectives of the writers.  Each of them has a unique story to tell.  So it’s well worth it to read all three!

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