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B’z Announce Short North American Tour

B’z announces first North American tour in 8 years (Tokyograph)

Still going strong with yet another number one single at home, the veteran rockers are focusing on the West Coast for their three stops on our side of the hemisphere.

First Three Dates of X Japan World Tour Announced

X Japan announces first three dates of world tour: London, Paris, Berlin (Updated) (Tokyograph)
X JAPAN Announces European Concert Dates Plus Slot at “Summer Sonic” Festival (Selective Hearing)

With many more dates promised, Tokyograph has an update on moved venues in the UK and Berlin to accommodate the high interest in the shows, while Greg gives useful background on Japan’s Summer Sonic Festival and the honor of X Japan appearing in that venue as well.

30+ Additional Items Listed for the International Wota Charity Auction

We’re back with another set of items to raise funds to help the Japan relief effort! Again, bids are limited to people from the USA and Canada.

This batch of items have been donated from MorningBerryz of モーニングBerryz48, Greg of Selective Hearing, Ron of Idol Eyes, Amy of International Wota and Ray of American Wota.

There are some gems in this set which will be highlighted in the upcoming days, and remember that 100% of proceeds are going to the American Red Cross for Japan. For now, check out the main auction page to see the listing of all items. The auctions end on Tuesday, April 26th at 9 pm Eastern time.

Happy bidding!!

Go Holding a Contest for a Contest

Free Tickets for Gilgamesh (Girugamesh) in NYC 4/26 (jrocknyc)

Prizes included! Don’t you want to see Gilgamesh? For free? … Heck, I’ll take anything that’s free.


jrocknyc Reviews New Nogod Album

review: nogod | “raise a flag” (2011)

The best part is Go and his wife trying to decipher a song title – which ends up ironic, as they discover.

Rampant Perform at Tekkoshocon

RAMPANT plays to record attendance at Tekkoshocon 2011 (Selective Hearing)

Greg shares the information on what sounds like a triumphant American debut for the band. He includes some clips as well as press releases to help round things out.

Luna Sea Release Charity Single Promise

Luna Sea’s “Promise” for Sale on & (jrocknyc)
Luna Sea Release Promise For Earthquake Relief (Pure Idol Heart)

Go tells you where to buy the single and how, while Gaki shares the song itself so you can hear it before purchasing. But come on, you ARE going to purchase it anyway, right? This is Luna Sea we’re talking about, their first new song in a very long time, and it’s for disaster relief! How can you say no? So what the hell, here’s the Amazon MP3 link, too:

PROMISE (Amazon)

jrocknyc Reviews New Sex Machineguns Album

review: sex machineguns | “37564” (2011)

I must confess, my favorite part of this review is the reaction of the in-laws. The bass fishing comes a close second, though.

Johnnys, UFA, and VK Artists All Do Their Part For Disaster Relief

Johnny’s Groups Draw 389,000 Fans For Charity. (Pure Idol Heart)
Marching J charity event draws total attendance of 389,000 (Tokyograph)
Yaotome Hikaru: Earthquake And Family (Pure Idol Heart)
Morning Musume Earthquake Relief Campaign (Pure Idol Heart)
Up-Front Group charity event to include almost 100 artists (Tokyograph)
DaizyStripper and other visual-kei bands plan charity song (Tokyograph)

Another quick roundup of how the entertainment world is doing its part to help out. The Johnny’s event had a great turnout, though I’m curious as to the actual amount raised. The UFA event looks promising, as does Momusu’s decision to have charity outreach booths at their concert venue. The last news piece is the most intriguing to me, though, as Daizystripper are aiming for “the visual-kei equivalent of ‘We Are the World'”. It’s a sentiment that is both beautifully sincere and cognotively dissonant at the same time, but I wish them great luck in this endeavor. As we’ve said time and again, every little bit counts, and it’s great to see the range of participation still taking place.

Musicians and Idols Continue To Show Support For Japan

T.M.Revolution organizes 9-hour live charity program on Nico Nico Douga, GyaO (Tokyograph)
X Japan’s ToshI to hold charity concert tour (Tokyograph)
Special SKE48 “Ai no Kazu” Video Clip For Moral Support
(Pure Idol Heart)
Johnny’s Entertainment launches charity project Marching J (Updated) (Tokyograph)

Here’s the latest roundup of disaster relief news from the music world, including more details on TMR’s benefit concert, news of X Japan’s Toshi’s own efforts, a video of support from SKE48, and the details on JE’s announced project. For idol fans, it’s worth noting that Tokito Ami will be performing at TMR’s event. For jrock fans, HEATH and Luna Sea’s Shinya (aka Mister Ayappe of Morning Musume) are taking part in Toshi’s shows. And of course, it’s all for a worthy, very necessary cause.

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