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Another Set of Items Added to the Auction

We’ve got a 3rd set of items which have been added to the auction. This time, johpan of johpanOnline and CK of Chuo Dori have donated the items. If you’re a fan of Perfume, AKB48, Porno Graffiti or Morning Musume, there may be something here for you! So check out the central auction page for the full listing of auction items.

Also, it was brought to our attention that Canadian bidders have not been able to submit bids. We have fixed the issue, and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. So Canadians, if there was something you tried to bid on and were unable to, try again! If you come across any issues, please send us an e-mail at admins[at] So far, all the auctions are limited to North America. We will only honour bids from Canada and the United States.

Just a reminder: the first batch of auction items will be ending today (April 1st) at 9 pm EDT.

Should Capsule Have Altered Their Album Title?

The KILLER WAVE Has Passed (Hijitsuzai)

As with every other release, capsule’s album was delayed (officially “postponed indefinitely”). What’s unique about capsule’s situation is that their album was scheduled to be named KILLER WAVE, a reference to the audio file format. The connotation of that name to the tsunami has caused the band to distance themselves from the name. Selryam wonders if capsule and their producers are blowing a situation out of proportion by changing the album title. Selryam’s argument is Yasutaka Nakata is an artist and a coincidence (no matter how horrific that coincidence is) shouldn’t get in the way of that artist’s vision.

I find it to be a weak argument. Yes, Yasutaka Nakata and Toshiko Koshijima are artists, but they are also a part of a commercial band in a music industry that is all about making money. Artistic Integrity and Sales aren’t necessarily forever in conflict with each other; but when they do conflict, as in this situation, it’s revealing to see what decisions are made. If sales are more important than artistic integrity, then what sense would it make to sell an album title that, fairly or unfairly, reminds people of a national tragedy of death and destruction?

I don’t think Selryam addresses the reality of this. He is focused on Nakata’s original vision. Sel says that Nakata “put both a lot of time and effort into creating the entire package as it is, choosing everything for a specific reason.” I read this as suggesting that it wasn’t Nakata himself that decided to change the album title. How can one be so sure of that? Even my argument about sales is speculation. Nakata, who was affected by this tragedy as every other Japanese citizen, could have felt it would be extremely inappropriate and disrespectful to have an album that just reminds people of it all.

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TBS TV :”Which female group would you want to join?” (Pure Idol Heart)

With the recent influx of new idol girl groups in Japan, I could see why the news stations would be interviewing the public about this. For these groups to even come into existence, there needs to be enough interest in forming new ones/joining established ones. That means that people need to want to apply for the ability to audition for these groups. Don’t even get me started on the last two boy groups/bands that formed in the past week or two. Saturation of the market is NOT needed right now~ -_-

MEG leaving the music biz. TechnoPop cries.

Bad MEG news, everyone. 🙁 (contemode LJ Community)

Community member tiaraways shares her translation of the rather sudden news of MEG leaving the music scene. Non-fans may find it a little tl;dr but personally, reading this just makes me love the TechnoPop sweetheart even more. MEG admits to being in a place in her career where new ideas can’t be born. In a glass-half-full way of looking at it, she’s doing us a favor by leaving now and not x number of half-assed singles down the road. For that, MEG, I thank you.

On a personal level, I’m sure a lot of us can relate to how MEG is feeling and why she feels the need to break off from her current situation. Like most of the commenters in the post said, you’ve got to admit that she’s got guts to drop everything and follow her heart and reset like this.

Towards the end of the post, MEG hints that she may return with a new record label or create a new label for herself. No matter what she decides for her future, I know I’ll be watching. BTW, I liked MEG more than Perfume

Back With A Bang?


POLYSICS are back, and it seems with a bang! With a new promotional picture and a set gig coming up later this year, the absence of Kayo is really startling.

Update: Perfume Returns With A Contrasting Double A-Side

New single details:「Fushizen na Girl / Natural ni Koishite」 (Perfume City)

Contrary to initial interpretations, Natural ni Koishite is actually one half of Perfume’s latest single… a DOUBLE A-SIDE SINGLE! According to the news from Perfume City, ekuseru points out that Fushizen translates to “unnatural” or “artificial” contrasting with the “Natural” kind of love that we’ve been introduced to from its PV and Natural Beauty Basic CM clips.

To those who weren’t completely satisfied with how Natural ni Koishite turned out, here’s hoping that the contrast in titles also carries into a contrast of emotion conveyed in the music.

To the rest of us that just enjoy the fact that Perfume’s releasing new stuff, YAY FOR US 😀

Reactions to Perfume’s Natural ni Koishite

All Natural Perfume (23ji no ongaku)
Perfume – Natural ni Koishite (musical ramblings of a dreamer)

The Natural ni Koishite PV has been up for a little while now and some reaction posts have popped up.

Nicole of 23ji no ongaku sees this latest track as unnaturally cheery for the girls.

“…something makes the song seem so un-serious that it’s almost silly.”

I definitely see parts of the PV being silly but musically, I’m kinda not seeing where she’s coming from. It could just be the sound system I’m listening to it with: every thump of the kick drum rumbles seriousness. There are no un-serious kick drum thumps here ;D. If acchan of Maji High ever came over and heard the seriousness of my bass, she’d take off her glasses and destroy it. まじすか? </lulz>

A new challenger has appeared going by the pen name “dreamtiny” and reviews the PV and has a bit of commentary on the use of autotune and its appropriateness. It’s a fun read but the very last sentence caught my eye:

“Anyway, their new single releases on April 14, and I bet they’ll sell well! (though probably nowhere near as well as AKB did)”

It’s always been in my head that Perfume is one of the better selling Japanese artists, especially after TRIANGLE. It’s just been a while since they’ve released anything so those who follow sales don’t have much to judge with based off the release silence. Considering the release gap and contrasting that with the touring and what not that happened during the release gap, where are they going to be for first day / first week sales?

On one side, we have the Perfume die-hards that have been fans since the indies days; has the release gap taken its toll on the fan base? On the other side, Perfume’s popularity with the new fans (from the touring and what not) should be high and their exposure should be up there too especially with the Natural Beauty Basic CM campaign; is this enough to boost their sales?

AKB48’s latest single “Sakura no Shiori” sold over 317,000* copies in its first week. The single before that, “RIVER”, sold over 178,000* in its first week and was their first single to hit #1. From my understanding, RIVER was responsible for hooking a considerable amount of fans all over the world which would partially explain the huge jump in sales. Consider that Perfume’s TRIANGLE sold 210,000* in its first week. While Perfume’s first major fan explosion was over Polyrhythm, do you think that Natural ni Koishite could outsell 317,000? </tl;dr>

Anyway, dreamtiny just started blogging at the start of the year but has reviews and comments on a lot of the JPop and KPop artists we know and love here at IW so be sure to check out the rest of the blog!

* sales stats from Oricon via jpopstop’s wiki

Perfume’s Natural ni Koishite PV is now streaming!

Natural ni Koishite PV Released! (Perfume City)

Meirin reports that Perfume’s latest single’s PV is up on TOKUMAJAPAN’s YouTube channel! Considering it’s been a year since we’ve heard a new single*, this is a very welcome bit of news on this fine Cake Day! It also justifies my pre-order. Yay Perfume for never failing me!

Anyway, check out this awesome new track by these lovely ladies!

*One Room Disco released in March 2009 while TRIANGLE released in July 2009

Some Upcoming Technopop Releases!

Perfume’s Valentines Gift to us: New Single Announced! (Perfume City)
NEW Perfume single!! (contemode LJ community)
New MEG Single Confirmed?
New Stuff In April, あいにいくよ (PlanetSAWA)

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve really been feeling the lack of contemode material lately. However, as you may or may not know, capsule has an album coming out soon (personally I am REALLY EXCITED). But where are Perfume and MEG? Well, the problem has been resolved. Perfume City and the contemode community on LiveJournal have information on Perfume’s new single set for April! Not much is known about it right now, though. The contemode community is also reporting on MEG’s new single, but there’s hardly any information on that either besides the fact that it’s coming out on April 21st.

SAWA, on the other hand, recently put out her Swimming Dancing mini-album (November isn’t really recent, but it’s MORE recent than contemode’s acts) so there’s not really a lack of her. Either way, you can never have too much SAWA! (Don’t bother arguing about that.) She has a new mini-album titled Ai ni Iku yo that’s set to be released on April 7th and we already have a preview and tracklist! There’s lots of info provided by BlackCheremy, so instead of me trying to summarize it all, I’d recommend just checking out the post itself.

I am SO excited for all of this. Perfume’s my favourite group, MEG’s my favourite solo singer, and I love SAWA! Her preview sounds really cute, too. Ah, April can’t get here fast enough!

Perfume City Has the Top Perfume Songs of 2009!

And the Best Perfume Song of 2009 is… (Perfume City)

Meirin over at Perfume City has the results for their recent poll asking readers what they thought the top Perfume song of the year was! I don’t want to spoil the top three, but I do want to mention that one of my favorite songs, the best thing, came in at #4! Either tons of Perfume fans have great taste or we’re all just crazy! I was surprised to realize that Perfume only released one single and one album this year, but I guess it’s good that they’re not flooding the market. Let’s hope that they release some more #1 singles next this year and continue their domination of the technopop industry!

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