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New Unit From Nice Girl Project: COCOCREW

New Unit: COCOCREW (Pure Idol Heart)
COCOCREW – Performance, Talk, Fashion Show (Miracle Sexy Dynamite)

I’m a little late on this news, but a new unit from Nice Girl Project has released a PV for their new song “COCOLULU SONG”. According to Pure Idol Heart, they are the image group for the COCOLULU shops.

Pure Idol Heart has the PV as well as a CM for the song, while Miracle Sexy Dynamite has links to a special live and fashion show which were posted on the COCOLULU website.

It’s a nice, summery and catchy song. Makes me think I should take some time and check out the rest of the Nice Girl Project… Always did mean to look into THE Possible back when they were still in Hello! Project.

Hey, Senpai! Is A Blog Here to Help

Hey, Senpai!

Hey, Senpai! is a new idol focused blog, less than a month old. It’s quite an interesting blog as their about page outlines their mission:

Our goals are twofold: to provide fans with hard-to-find information such as Mixi and song download rankings, and to assist fans in using Japanese resources to show support for a group or individual.

In addition to a Mixi FAQ (prior to this, I didn’t know much of anything about Mixi), they also have a tutorial on how to create your own Ameba blog. And of course, they also provide a healthy dose of current idol news (as well as a blogroll of official H!P, TNX, Idoling!!!, etc. blogs and twitter accounts).

It looks like this site will grow to become a good souce of idol information. I look forward to seeing what else they have in store for us.

Tokito Ami recognized as Idol of the Week. Glorious Eyecandy follows.

Idol of the Week: Ami Tokito (Japanator)

Dale North of Japanator has started an “Idol of the Week” series and is already on week 10. While focusing primarily on gravure idol as opposed to JPop idol, this post caught my eye since it features TNX’s Tokito Ami! The post also has a gallery of pictures for us to drool over featuring bikinis, etc.

Keep an eye out on this series for more eyecandy! I know I will.

Eri~na Leaves Canary Club and Akiyama Yurika Gets a Photobook

Erina Hashiguchi leaves the nest of Canary Club (Tokyograph)
Akkyan 1st Solo Photobook (Miracle Sexy Dynamite)

Tokyograph reports that Hashiguchi Erina is graduating from Canary Club, but will also be remaining – arguably as a solo artist – with NICE GIRL Project.

mint as Miracle Sexy Dynamite lets everyone know that Akiyama Yurika of THE Possible will have a photobook released on June 25.

THE Possible to Appear Live at Ameba

THE Possible on Ameba Studio (Miracle Sexy Dynamite)

Juju reports that three members of THE Possible will be broadcasting live at Ameba Studio this Saturday.  And of course it will be streaming live via the Ameba web site.  She has posted a link and the local U.S./Canada start times for those of you who are “timeline challenged”.

I sometimes watch these Ameba interviews, but for some reason my PC freezes a lot during the show.  Oh well, I am glad to see the NGP machine chugging along.  And I think it’s about time for a new THE Possible single, ne?

Miracle Sexy Dynamite Reports on an NGP Single and Anime Tie-in

Ogawa Mana’s new anime voice role, opening/ending single (Miracle Sexy Dynamite)

Juju has all of the particulars on the new anime series starring Mana Ogawa.  The series is called Gokujou!! Mecha Mote Iinchou and debuted this past weekend on TV Tokyo.  She also has previews of the associated songs, which were performed by members of NICE GIRL project although we do not yet know which members were part of the single.  I really like that first song, especially with that “Irish Traditional” sounding guitar lick on the intro.  The second track sounds very R&B.  And reminds me a lot of MiniMoni’s Crazy About You.

Miracle Sexy Dynamite is a New TNX/NICE GIRL Project Blog

Miracle Sexy Dynamite

It’s about time someone started a blog dedicated to Tsunku’s NGP girls.  Juju from Melody Life has taken on that task.  Everything you have ever wanted to know about Canaria Club, THE Possible, Tokito Ami and the dreaded Nice Girl Myu!

The most recent posts are reports on a new Canary Club radio show, and a regular NGP television program which begins broadcasting on satellite in April.  Plus Juju also plans on keeping us updated on all of the latest TNX/NGP releases.  So go ahead and update your feedreader!

Merry Go Round has H!P 2008 Awards Results

2008 H!P/TNX Awards Results

Amy of Merry Go Round has posted the results of the 2008 H!P and TNX release poll she did, and I can say I’m not very surprised at the results. Niigaki definitely deserved her no.1 positions, because she is definitely the hottest idol of 2008, however I disagree with Monkey Dance being the wost PV. That’s just my opinion, isn’t it? Anyways, its interesting to see how this turned out. I think Erika’s hotter than people are giving her credit for! But being one who voted against Miki Korenaga, I’m not surprised she was tied with Erika for ugliest. Great poll, Amy!

Ai no ENERGY is Possibly a New Blog by a Nice Girl


Roselinde of Hello!°C-ute has had a new blog since December dedicated to news about Nice Girl! Project and THE Possible. She’s got a couple informative posts up about various artists under TNX, including downloads, magazines, and tracklists! If you enjoy Hello!°C-ute’s news reporting style and are looking for some about TNX, this is the place to head to!

Melody Life is a New Jmusic Blog

Melody Life

Recommended reading. To those of you who frequent #wotachat, Juju (otherwise known as Mint) needs no introduction, but for the rest of you silly bloggers who have no idea who Juju is or why she’s awesome… consider this your first lesson in, uh, badassery. Melody Life will probably focus on Juju’s main jmusic interests, which include Hello! Project, TNX, and (as I’m guessing from the banner) Perfume, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see her venture into other areas as time goes on. Having known Juju personally for quite some time, I’m fully confident that she’ll become one of IW’s favorite bloggers. … no pressure, right?

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