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30+ Additional Items Listed for the International Wota Charity Auction

We’re back with another set of items to raise funds to help the Japan relief effort! Again, bids are limited to people from the USA and Canada.

This batch of items have been donated from MorningBerryz of モーニングBerryz48, Greg of Selective Hearing, Ron of Idol Eyes, Amy of International Wota and Ray of American Wota.

There are some gems in this set which will be highlighted in the upcoming days, and remember that 100% of proceeds are going to the American Red Cross for Japan. For now, check out the main auction page to see the listing of all items. The auctions end on Tuesday, April 26th at 9 pm Eastern time.

Happy bidding!!

Missing Eggs

Where oh where have all the Eggs gone? (Airii~n deshou?!)

jedimastertrunks has a “Where Are They Now?” post on the status of former Hello!Project Eggs. Although, in some cases, I was asking, “where were they before?” Most of them are in UFZS, the Korean pop dance cover group. Kitahara Sayaka seems stuck in a idle.

The most interesting story of the bunch is Maeda Irori. She has joined a group named AKBN0 that has a web series called AKBNGO. Pure comedy. Apparently this group is supposed to be a complete amateur project, with no initial budget when it started, which is probably an outright lie. Whether you find the concept funny, sad, innovative, or offensive, it is different, which is probably what is most important for idols.

Celebrating 10 years of Ayaya

A Decade of Matsuura Aya (Nights4Blogging)

April 11th marked the 10 year anniversary of Matsuura Aya’s debut release and Nights4Saturn celebrated it… with a tribute to the CRT TVs shown in the the Doki Doki Love Mail PV… In addition to that, he links to his post from last year when he celebrated Aya’s 9th anniversary, with a nice look at the PV and how even though Aya’s debut single isn’t his favourite, the PV has always made this song stand out in his mind.

As Nights4Saturn says, it really is amazing to see how much Aya has matured over the years. It’s crazy to think 10 years have passed already…. And another special 10 year anniversary is coming up this August too…

Shirow Gets Philosophical on Your Arse

Why Should We Care About Morning Musume? (Wotaku Now!)

Shirow’s in a bind here. He’s trying to figure out why, if there is a reason in the first place, should we, idol fans/wota/whatever the hell you want to call us, care about Morning Musume. I’m pretty sure for many of you, your interest in Morning Musume has been like his, a roller coaster, increasing and decreasing, with the change of members and musical styles. He talks about his own feelings regarding this and even ‘get[s] philosophical on your arse’, ending the post with a review of their latest PV. Can you handle (what he considers to be) the truth?

Celestia counts the most performed MM songs

Most Performed Morning Musume songs (Bikkuri Project)

Remember back in 2007 when Morning Musume was taking every possible inkling of a chance to perform Love Machine? Remember wanting to claw your ears out if you had to hear Nacchi shout “dancin all of the night” one more time? There’s a reason we all got so tired of that song. According to Celestia’s count in her latest post, Love Machine is the second-most performed Morning Musume song. So if Love Machine is only #2, can you guess which song made it to #1?

Tokyohive Provides Translated Interviews of Dream Morning Musume Members

Dream Morning Musume Interviews: Iida Kaori (Tokyohive)
Dream Morning Musume Interviews: Yoshizawa Hitomi
Dream Morning Musume Interviews: Kusumi Koharu

Dream Morning Musume’s album is coming out in 2 weeks, and Tokyohive has partially translated interviews of a few of the members. If you’re a fan of the OG, these are interesting reads as the girls talk about their feelings on forming DoriMusu, getting back in to recording and dancing with each other, and their thoughts on the coveted centre position, among other things.

But really, I have to say that the youngest DoriMusu member, sole 7th generation member Kusumi Koharu, gave the best answer and definitely made my day when I read these interviews:

Q: Do you want to take the center position in Dream Morning Musume.
Not at all … I’m too busy trying to catch up. I am good friends with Abe-san (Abe Natsumi), so I’ll be happy if I can follow behind her. Kind of like goldfish poo.

Goldfish poo is gold. 🙂

Maji Desu ka Ska! Reactions (Part Two)

Morning Musume – Maji Desu ka Suka! (Musical Ramblings of a Dreamer)
‘Maji Desu Ka Ska!’ (a.k.a. Idol Music Is Serious Business) (The Groove Music Life)
Morning Musume Maji Desu ka Ska PV (Selective Hearing)
Maji Desu ka SKA! PV (Hanakotoba)

dreamtiny notices that the line distribution is much better for the current lineup than the past few years. She also addresses the idea that Morning Musume copied the AKB48 drama “Majisuka Gakuen” with the title of this single. People must think really low of Tsunku and UFA if they figure that the best idea they can steal from AKB48 is a song title.

Kd Potter’s focus is on how the song and video lack a seriousness. She points out that H!P’s interpretation of ska is about as successful as their attempts at reggae and country; you just as easily add rap, big band, rock, europop, and idol music to that list! The video is not serious either. KD notes is not only a change in the recent Morning Musume formula, but possibly a return to an era of energetic songs.

At Selective Hearing, Greg doesn’t have much to say for what Morning Musume did right in this PV. However, he does make quite the connection between Morning Musume and, of all people, Bobby Brown. I’d prefer it if the connection was in the music and not the video, but alas…

On the other hand, on Hanakotoba, MTSayuRin is thrilled with Morning Musume’s latest effort. Michishige Sayumi and Takahashi Ai are the stand-outs here.

IW Charity Auction: Featured Item #15 – Ai Takahashi – 19 Photobook

Ai Takahashi – 19 Photobook from Pata of Delicious Cake Project
North American auction, ends Apr 4th @ 9pm EDT

5th photobook of Takahashi Ai from Morning Musume. Publication date 2006.2.10. Minor scuffs on edges of dust jacket and lower left corner. Rest of book is in like new condition. Hardcover. Includes Making-of DVD (never opened).

There’s a reason why Takahashi Ai is Hello! Project’s leader (both past and present members) in photobook releases. She has 12 solo photobooks released, and if you’re an Ai-chan fan and don’t yet own one of her photobooks, this isn’t a bad place to start. Really, any of her photobooks would be a good place to start, since she never disappoints… But in addition to having a book full of Lovely Takahashi, you also get to help a good cause.

Of course, if you already have some of her photobooks, it never hurts to get another one right?

Another Set of Items Added to the Auction

We’ve got a 3rd set of items which have been added to the auction. This time, johpan of johpanOnline and CK of Chuo Dori have donated the items. If you’re a fan of Perfume, AKB48, Porno Graffiti or Morning Musume, there may be something here for you! So check out the central auction page for the full listing of auction items.

Also, it was brought to our attention that Canadian bidders have not been able to submit bids. We have fixed the issue, and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. So Canadians, if there was something you tried to bid on and were unable to, try again! If you come across any issues, please send us an e-mail at admins[at] So far, all the auctions are limited to North America. We will only honour bids from Canada and the United States.

Just a reminder: the first batch of auction items will be ending today (April 1st) at 9 pm EDT.

Maji Desu ka Ska! Reactions (Part One)

Majidesuka Ska: Half n’ Half. (New School Kaidan)
Morning Musume – Maji Desu ka Ska! (Nights4Blogging)
This Momusu is for real! (Janakya Mottainai)

Dae Lee of the NSK crew is disappointed that the full version of the song did not live up to his expectations. His claim is that the song it too repetitive. He is more forgiving towards the music video; he finds that the new lineup and a more colorful look provide a refreshing new feel. I must admit that I am confused when he says “there was a surprising amount of variety in the shots they used” and then goes on to fault the video not having enough variety in its “set and premise.” I guess I’d like to know what exactly is enough variety to achieve approval. Either way I like that Dae Lee is focused on variety and requiring it at every turn. However, in the world of idols, I do think that is setting yourself up for constant disappointment.

Nights4Saturn at Nights4Blogging is in love with the video. They find the “seriousness” of Ikuta Erina to be noteworthy. I don’t think that that’s a role that Ikuta wants to find herself filling.. They also find Michishige Sayumi to fail miserably at attempting to be cute, something that I didn’t know was possible. Also, N4S’s post has plenty of gifs, always a bonus!

Aimxaim is glad that Morning Musume appears to be heading towards a new “energetic and slightly childish era.” She then goes over each member and their closeups.

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