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If you have an English-language blog or website devoted to Japanese music and you think it should be covered by International Wota, please e-mail the admins at with the heading “International Wota Site Recommendation.” Please include the name of your blog and its URL, and a short description what you post.

Keep in mind, just because you recommend a site or blog to us doesn’t mean we’ll write it up. We want to share quality sites focused on Japanese music–so for example, personal blogs that have a passing interest in jpop (“I went to school today and talked to my friends and someone showed me a Berryz album over lunch and then lunch was over and I played soccer after school”) will likely be passed up. If it’s difficult to read the site for design reasons, or if the writing is problematic in some manner (horrendous spelling, inflammatory opinions that aren’t reasonably defended, or too many factual errors), that will also be passed up.

You are not required to link to International Wota if we write about your site, though we always appreciate it. Linking to us does not mean we’ll write about you, though again, we always appreciate it.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact the admins at the same address mentioned above.