Okay, I am back from Japan.  I still owe everyone a good K5 review, as I saw the stage performed four times!!!  You would think I am an expert on it by now.  I’ll get to it in the next couple of days once the jetlag subsides.  In the meantime enjoy a few preview pics of my favorite set from Ohe Tomomi’s kickass graduation photobook.

The found Oh-yay’s and Rinatin’s PB’s for sale over at Trio2 in Nakano.  I also found autographed copies of their DVD’s in a small shop in Akihabara.  But at over $70 per DVD, I figured I’ll just stick with the books!  Anyhow, both of the PB’s are sensational!  It is amazing to see the two of them in such sexy and seductive photospreads.  And everyone is making a big deal about Risa Narita’s PB and her amazing “top shelf”.  But Rina is surprisingly impressive in that department too!  Very nice.

CK in California

2 thoughts on “Oh…Yay!!!

  1. You can’t go wrong with any of the AKB48 graduation PB’s. Both of these, and Risa Narita’s are very nice!

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