The First Night of AX…Highlights

I remember when I was younger getting excited about the NFL draft.  I would create charts, lists…have a grand ole’ time…

It’s time  for AKB48’s “NFL Draft” of concert series, The Request Hour Setlist Best 100.  I have loved this concept ever since I went to see the first edition in 2008.  It is so exciting to see where the songs place in fan popularity.  Of course I have my personal favorites that I hope to see on the list year after year.

Here is the setlist for the first night…


100 – 7ji 12fun no Hatsukoi (maeda,ohe,komatani,masuyama,narita) [A4]
99 – namida no shounan (arii,oshima m,watanabe s,sato y,shinoda) [A2]
MC – komatani,oshima m,ohe,watanabe s,narita,arii,masuyama
98 – koike (team A,maeda a,suzuki,iwasa) [A3]
97 – kaiyuugyo no capacity (team K,ishida) [K4]
MC – shinoda,umeda,kashiwagi
96 – tadaima renaichuu (4-6th gen kenkyuusei) [A4]
94 – boku no taiyou [H1]
94 – higurashi no koi [H1]
93 – manatsu no xmas rose (shinoda,nakata,sato y, kohara) [A5]
92 – GLORY DAYS [S2]
MC matsui j,nakanishi,kuwabara
91 – JK nemurihime [A5]
90 – nounai paradise [K3]
MC – Satos (three Satos then Sumire interrupting in the middle)
89 – GIRLS TALK (no3b) [c/w]
88 – glass no I LOVE YOU (kenkyuusei) [A2]
87 – sobakasu no kiss [B4]
86 – chime wa LOVE SONG [S2]
MC SKE48 team S
85 – idol no yoake (live instruments) [B4]
83 – gomen ne jewel (umeda= oshima y under) [K4]
83 – confession (oshima y,itano,nakata,ohori) [H2]
80 – yume wo shinaseru wake ni ikanai [H2]
80 – himawari (noro,akimoto,kuramochi,shinoda) [H1]
80 – kurukurupaa~ (matsubara,ohori,kobayashi,takada a,hayano) [K3]
79 – squall no aida ni [A5]
MC kobayashi, takada a, hayano
78 – skirt hirari (maeda,oshima y,shinoda,watanabe m,takahashi,kojima,itano) [A2]
77 – 16nin shimai no uta (naruse VTR only) [K4]
MC urano,hirajima,kenkyuusei
76 – RUN RUN RUN [H1]
EN1: enkyori poster [c/w]
(btw, thanks to Takka for updating the list last night, and to Rui for her timely “tweets”)


I know I said I get a kick out of which songs make the list.  But ultimately I’m happy if my favorite songs make it, regardless of placing.  That said, these are the songs I am most excited about…

100 – 7ji 12fun no Hatsukoi [A4] They got Oh-yay out of the way early, as well as a few other grads.  One circulating question is whether or not the grads will be making one appearance, or if they will break tradition and appear more than once.  This IS the final show before the shuffles.  Then again, could it be that the Top 75 will be flooded with new material?

83- Confession [H2] Another question is whether or not the song placings represent the true vote order.  I have always figured that the producers moved songs around in order to keep good flow, and to make costume changes easier for the girls.  But this year is a bit different.  First off, TIES???  That’s funny.  And since Confession and Gomen ne Jewel have a few of the same performers, those girls couldn’t be in both songs.  As a result Ohori got to perform here.  Works for me!

80   – Kurukurupaa~ [K3] Yeah, Meetan is in it.  But I am really excited to see Kana’s reaction after her antics on the last night of the 2009 shows.

79   – Squall no Aida ni [A5] One of my top three favorite songs on A5.  I am so glad to see it included!

77   – 16nin Shimai no Uta [K4] This song was such a “homerun” last year.  My favorite performance of the entire four nights.  I doubt it will be as epic this time around (no Meetan bikini?), but I am sure it will be a lot of fun.

76   – RUN RUN RUN [H1] This is one of my all-time favorite AKB48 songs.  It’s such a cool “rocker”.  This is the second year in a row it has closed the show.  It was the final song of the second night in 2009.

A couple of other notes.  With No3b’s “Girls Talk” coming in at #89, I think it’s a safe bet we will see a lot of this subgroup throughout the four nights.  I really want to see the two “Persona” songs.  I’m pretty sure 3 Seconds will break the Top 25.  How about “Christmas Present”?  Also…

SKE had two songs on the first night.  This makes me wonder how much more of their song catalog will be performed as Chime wa Love Song and Glory Days are both really popular.  I would love to see Mango #2 and Koi no Keikou to Taisaku.  And what about Ame no Pianist, Romance Rocket, Bokura no Kaze and Choco no Yukue? All very popular.  I still hold out hope for lots of Team S

Plenty of other interesting stuff on the first night.  But this is what got my attention the most.  I can’t wait to see Night #2!

CK in California

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  1. MAN! i was getting worried…! i was reading the posts at stage48 in my lecture class (while trying to pay attention still) and i was like…. wth! Narita not in Glass I Love You, or Skirt, Hirari! WTH! only to find out she’s in top 100…. it’s cool but it’s still like the “true” original line up of Skirt, Hirari will never appear again…. sad face… i always can dream can’t I? 😀 sad that 16nin shimai no uta fell this early, but still i love to see how they “played” the roll for each part…. so sad that naruse couldn’t make it also =(. I hope SDN get a spot in there (i’m gonna guess Black Boy). I can’t wait to know what are the other songs… i hope they include the MC in the DVDs this time around… I wouldn’t hold my breath though….

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