Minyo Girls May 2017 “Challenge Stage Vol. 2” is Now Available to View Online!

Well, at least some of their more “idol-ish” performances are.  I really enjoyed this concert this past May, where I was lucky enough to score a front row, left side seat.  It was part of a Nagara Pro ‘doubleheader’.  Minyo Girls did the matinee, and then Wasamin’s Love Live was the evening show.  Here is my original post about the show.

Anyway, here are the videos.  Enjoy!  And by the way, I bought their Happi Coat.  Just looking for an opportunity to wear it again!


Ureshi Namida!


Himitsu no Yoru


Iyooooootsu! Kabuki Mono


Let’s Go Takarajima!




Japan Do Do



CK in Tokyo



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