Wow! Has it Been Over Two Months? July 2020 Chuo Dori Update

It should be no surprise to anyone that I haven’t had much to report with regards of the idol world.  The Covid-19 pandemic is still pretty much snuffing out most idol and other J-music events, and at this point I don’t see any change in the foreseeable future.  Though to be honest it has been a major relief to my wallet.  On the other hand, I have been social distancing sin February, with literally no social contact aside from work, the supermarket, and my local conbini.  I am beginning to feel stir crazy.  Not to mention the weather has been awful.  It has rained pretty much non-stop since early June.  I think we’ve had one sunny day in the past two months, and the humidity is unbearable.  If I could pick one thing I seriously dislike about Japan, it is the summer weather.  It sucks!

All that said, there are a few “live” idol activities going on.  I know that Hissatsu Emomomomox7 have been doing small events around Akihabara and Meguro, but I haven’t been to Tokyo in over four months.  And considering the virus is in the middle of a rebound, and I am in the “high risk” category, I doubt I will be going there any time soon.  I had previously planned on paying a visit to Tokyo in mid-August when I will be on vacation from work, but I don’t know.  We’ll see.  I also had tickets to HKT48’s August handshake event, but that has obviously been postponed.

In the meantime, most of the groups I follow have been sticking to online events…

By the way, Minyo Girls have now changed their name to WAWAWA.  Kind of an odd name, and I have a feeling this also signifies a change in musical direction for the group.  So I have serious doubts we will see another shamisen player on their roster in the near future, if ever.  They are currently doing a series of online CD signing events for their upcoming single.  I have yet to participate, but I will probably buy a couple of CDs as we get closer to the release date.  DESURABBITS and FESTIVE are also sticking to online events for the time being.  As for Kiss Bee, they were hit by the tragedy of the death of one of their members.  They are on an indefinite hiatus, but the member and manager blogs have continued to be active.  That’s a positive sign.  Then there’s Wasamin

Misaki-chan has continued to be active online, hosting multiple SHOWROOM live events each week where she sings, cooks, and does other themed events.  She has also been doing a series of virtual live CD and cheki signing events, the latest of which I participated in…

You can here my spot come up at around 1:42:40.  She initially called out my name by accident, but it made for some funny commentary until it was actually my turn, and even after my turn.  So check it out!  I only purchased two chekis for the events.  But for me the main objective was to merely participate.  I didn’t really care about the special “Yukata Cheki.”  I have plenty of two shots with Wasamin in beautiful Yukata.  By the way, here are my two cheki from the event.

The next Wasamin event will be a “Streaming Live” concert on August 14th.  Tickets are available via E-plus, and the live will be shown on the E-plus streaming service.  Unfortunately E-plus is not very foreigner-friendly, and registering there is a bit of a challenge if you aren’t a Japan resident.  But I will post the link to the site anyway, for those of you who really want to see it.  If the’s a will, there’s a way, right?

Iwasa Misaki First Streaming Live Purchase Site

Of course you can always watch her sing during her SHOWROOM live events, which she does quite often.  So just follow her blog and/or her Twitter accounts for the latest schedule.

CK in Tokyo

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